Is a BUILT GREEN Home Right For You?

A BUILT GREEN home is...

Less expensive to operate. Energy- and water-efficient features mean you’ll save money each month on operating costs, and rate hikes will impact you less.

Healthier and more comfortable. Well-designed ventilation, a strategic choice of materials, and efficient heating and cooling with a tightly sealed, well-insulated building envelope mean you will breathe fresher air and have fewer drafts.

Durable and reduces maintenance. Careful selection of a building’s materials, its design, and its placement on its site means fewer replacement costs and effort.

Quality-built. Professionals who care enough to participate in the BUILT GREEN program do careful work and give you outstanding value for your investment.

As a Realtor with the Eco-Broker designation, I specialize in "Green Homes". Please call or e-mail me if you have questions about "green" features - it can be confusing!

Also, as part of my committment to the "Green Scene", I pass out "green" items at each of my Open Houses. Stop by, say hi and make your life a little "greener", too!